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If the selected date is within the next 24 hours, please clarify the booking by phone or email. You are also welcome to drop by spontaneously and see what is still available for that day.

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⦁ Credit card
⦁ Debit card
⦁ Cash payment/card on site

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You are also welcome to book events with us, whether team building, birthday parties or bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Book online or contact us directly (phone or email) with your enquiry (phone enquiries from Mon-Fri 12:00-22:00 and Sat-Sun 10:00-22:00).

No! It is generally not permitted to bring food and drink onto the premises. Exceptions can only be made by prior arrangement.

You have the possibility to buy food and drinks in the in-house restaurant "Schnogerei".

Dogs are not allowed in the facilities for Escape Rooms, Lasertag Arena, Adventure Golf and the games room.

Dogs are welcome in the Schnogerei restaurant.

Please arrive on time! In the event of non-compliance with a booking and late cancellation, the operator reserves the right not to refund the admission price.

If you are unable to come after all, please inform us at least 48 hours before your appointment. Only in this case will the price be refunded. In the event of a cancellation less than 48 hours in advance, a cancellation fee in the amount of the total booking will be charged.

More info to follow...

Before the start, there is a short introduction for all players. Up to 6 people have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles in each room. You search the room for clues, combine objects and try to solve all the puzzles as quickly as possible. All puzzles are structured differently depending on the room and require logical thinking, technique, skill or even just your motor skills. However, you are never completely on your own. If you get stuck and can't get any further, the Game Master will help you. They observe all the action and gives you hints if you need them.

You can play our escape rooms in German or English.

Perseverance, motivation and handling of the technology must be present and counts more than the age itself. However, we would like to point out that some of the puzzles may be too difficult for children under the age of 14. If you have any questions about the rooms, please feel free to contact us. For all under 14-year-olds, they must be accompanied by an adult who will take responsibility for them.

People between the ages of 14-17 are welcome to play on their own. Please bring a declaration of consent from your parents with you. Download declaration of consent

There is no upper age limit.

⦁ You have 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles. If you're faster, you've made it. If you are too slow, you have lost.
⦁ Everything you need for the game is in the room itself. Please stow away your own items such as bags, mobile phones and tools beforehand and do not take them into the room.
⦁ Photos and videos are also prohibited in the escape rooms.
⦁ Cameras and microphones are installed in all rooms. The game master uses these to follow the game and provide support if necessary.
⦁ Our house rules & terms and conditions must be observed! The game master and staff must be obeyed!
⦁ The escape rooms consist of real furniture, objects and materials. Please handle them with care and be careful not to injure yourself.
⦁ No brute force is required for the puzzles and is strictly prohibited. Anything that needs to be opened during the game can simply be opened. Anyone who attempts to wilfully destroy the equipment, objects or technology or handles them roughly will have to leave the facility without reimbursement.
⦁ No objects may be taken out of the rooms.
⦁ If the room is left early, the game is over.
⦁ We ask you not to discuss the puzzles or the rooms with other guests or share them on the internet. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the rooms for themselves.

An experienced game master sits in the next room and observes the game. This person can also be asked if you get stuck or if there are any other problems. The game master and staff must be obeyed!

We advise people with asthma, heart disease, mental or other illnesses that pose a risk not to take part in the games. Basically, however, everyone can play at their own risk.

The players are not locked in the rooms and can basically leave them at any time.

But please note! If you leave the room, the game is over.

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Laser tag is like a modern version of "catch and hide". At the beginning, you are given equipment (phaser and vest) and a briefing on the game. At least two players, or ideally several, try to fulfil various tasks in the area, such as hitting other players with the "phaser" or collecting points by hitting the other "targets" hidden in the room. It is important to move around a lot, always be alert and explore the entire area. The game is always played in a laser tag arena.

Fairness is the basis of the game, which is why antisocial and unfair behaviour is prohibited.

Use of the lasertag arena is only permitted during the game. Entering and using the arena is at your own risk.

1. Before the first round, players are given a short introduction (approx. 10 minutes).
2. A round of laser tag lasts 15 minutes. During the first round, players can get used to using the equipment so that they can enjoy the game in the subsequent rounds.
3. There is a break of approx. 15 minutes between rounds.
4. Use of the laser tag arena is only permitted during the game. Entering and using the arena is at your own risk.
5. Any form of violence against persons or the facility and equipment is prohibited. Anyone who injures others, attempts to wilfully destroy the equipment, objects or technology or handles them roughly must leave the facility without reimbursement.
6. Fairness is the basis of the game, which is why antisocial and unfair behaviour is prohibited.
7. The following actions are prohibited:
⦁ Running and climbing on and over obstacles
⦁ Body contact with other players
⦁ Lying down, crawling or sitting down in the arena
⦁ Covering the sensors on the equipment
8. The instructions of the staff must be followed without restriction. Offences against the rules of the game can be punished with immediate exclusion from the game.

A round of laser tag lasts 15 minutes. We recommend booking at least two games. During the first round, players can get used to using the equipment so that they can enjoy the game in the subsequent rounds. Please allow for breaks between rounds.

If you have booked the "Alone in the Scheulingwald" package, then - YES.

Otherwise - NO! Even a reservation is no guarantee that you will have the arena to yourself (cinema principle). We reserve the right to increase or limit the number of players per round if necessary.

The minimum height for the laser tag equipment is 1.30 metres. Due to the handling of the technology and equipment, the minimum age for laser tag is 10 years. Younger children can play if accompanied by an adult. As a general rule, children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. The accompanying adults are liable for the children.


Intense light and strobe effects are used in the arena, which can be particularly problematic for epileptics. People with epilepsy or at risk of epilepsy should stay away from the area with strobe lights

Lasertag requires a lot of physical activity, which should be taken into account when choosing clothing. We therefore recommend sporty clothing and sturdy shoes.

⦁ The aim of the game is to pocket the ball with as few strokes as possible. The start is in the tee-off zone.
⦁ Once a sequence has been determined, the player plays the ball through until it goes in the hole or 8 shots have been taken. Then the next player starts.
⦁ Each player has 8 strokes to pocket the ball. If a player does not succeed, the course is scored with 10 strokes.
⦁ If an obstacle/track is abandoned earlier, 10 strokes are scored.
⦁ If the ball lands outside the fairway, it must be returned to the place where it left the fairway. One penalty point is added.
⦁ The next group may only enter the course once the group in front has left the course. Pushing and overtaking is not permitted.
⦁ Each contact with the ball counts as one stroke.
⦁ When all holes have been completed, the total number of strokes is the final result. The player who has needed the fewest strokes wins the game.
⦁ The operator reserves the right to expel persons who violate the rules from the course.
⦁ Play at your own risk.

Das Mindestalter liegt bei 6 Jahren. Kinder unter 14 Jahren dürfen nur in Begleitung einer erwachsenen Person spielen. Die jeweiligen Begleitpersonen haften für die Kinder.

On average, it takes about 4 people 1.5 hours to complete a round, whereby the duration also depends on your speed and experience.

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Admission to the playroom for children is generally free. However, it is also possible to book the room exclusively for your group, so you can celebrate your special occasion alone with friends.

Please note that the playroom is then reserved for the respective group when booking and cannot be used by others!

Only enter without shoes!
⦁ Entering the play area and using the play equipment is at your own risk. Parents or accompanying persons are liable for their children.
⦁ Care and supervision obligations are not assumed.
⦁ The house rules and general terms and conditions must be observed!