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About the Creation of Visorium

There are many reasons why people from various parts of Europe, and sometimes even further afield, travel to the wonderful Zillertal: breathtaking landscapes, fresh air, numerous opportunities for physical activity, good food, and welcoming hosts are just a few of them. However, a valuable treasure that many don’t actually get to see, and one that we Zillertalers also guard carefully, is our unique stories and legends.

We, the team at Creation Bair, want to share this treasure with the visitors of Visorium and thereby provide them with a souvenir of special significance. These are tales, stories, characters, or even wisdom that we Zillertalers have experienced over decades and have had the privilege to pass on to the next generation. They not only shape the place but also make us who we are.

In about three years of development, we put a lot of heart and meticulous research into this project. It should be noted that our own interest and connection to the history of our valley greatly assisted in this endeavor. The name “Visorium” reveals our vision, in which we want to show people how to view our surroundings differently thanks to the newly acquired knowledge about the spectacular Zillertal.

What We Offer

“Edutainment” is our keyword. Learning becomes much easier when knowledge is conveyed in a playful manner. Thanks to cross-cutting themes, there is something for every age group. These areas are divided into:

three specially designed Escape Rooms that can be played nowhere else in Austria or the world
➔ a large, dark Lasertag area, which, with the story of the Woldschnoggn, becomes a mystical and thrilling experience
➔ an adventurous mini-golf area with 12 extraordinary courses, each with a legendary tale of its own
play space for children


Zillerlände 490
6290 Mayrhofen